The Healing Color of Purple!

The Healing Color of Purple!

Ooooo how I LOVE lavender and purple! Connect to spirit with purple and bring the peace and calm of the blue and red energy into your life. It will be sure to help you feel safe and bring a sense of calm.

Purple is to sort and store information, and getting in touch with spirit

Eggplants, Purple Grapes, Plums, Elderberries, Lavender
Eating these foods help normalize hormonal activity, curb appetite, and regulate metabolism.

Wearing Purple encourages spirituality into any situation. It’s perfect to wear to church and or any other spiritual event.

Purple / Lavender is an excellent color to decorate a yoga room and or living room where you want to bring spirit and it’s calm wisdom to your life.

Lilac fields or areas where sage grows after a rain storm

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Wearing Green Socks might make you Heal Faster?

Wearing Green Socks might make you Heal Faster?

so you say, WHAT? Wearing Green socks might make you Heal Faster?

Green is the color of healing. It’s related to the heart chakra. Green is the color of nature and conjures up images of growth and rebalancing. Many cultures color their money green, and green is an emotionally positive color. It is the perfect combination of both yellow, which is associated with joy and blue which is wisdom. Green can be used as a calming color because it has the optimism of the yellow and the insightful peace from the blue. Green is associated with the word, GO.

So next time you are not feeling so good, try wearing green color socks with the intent of it moving you forward into health and happiness. Your legs are associated with movement, and I’m sure your feet wouldn’t mind a little love and nurturing!

Think about what how you can bring more color into your life, with intent. Magic could happen!


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