Your frequency tells secrets about your personality type

Your frequency tells secrets about your personality type


Your Life’s Purpose Path

While everyone’s purpose is to bring love into this world, there are three pathways to fulfilling that purpose. Figuring out your path is the key to discovering the specific task you’ve been assigned to complete and getting that task fulfilled. The three pathways are Love, Wisdom, and Joy.

THE RED FREQUENCY is Love: Circulating the Energy


Those who were born to walk the path of love make great planners and organizers. They thrive where there are established rules and systems that bring order. They do not like or appreciate it when people deviate from their carefully constructed plans. They do not enjoy chaos or surprises.

The color for the path of love is red and its symbol is blood. Part of the reason that people walking the path of love are so resistant to change or alteration is related to the nature of blood. Blood does not do well outside of a closed system. It needs the established and predictable steadiness of a circuit in order to do its best work.

Love’s challenge is its need to control other people, especially those who are not walking the same path. Love tends to be particularly hard on those walking the path of Joy, because it tends to sees Joy’s boundless energy and undirected enthusiasm as a threat to the order it is attempting to bring. Love does get along well with Wisdom, but more because of Wisdom’s adaptable and changeable nature than because it truly understands Wisdom.

Love’s life lesson is that rather than seeking to control and change people, it must learn to accept and appreciate them for what they are. When Love can accept and appreciate others, it will find them much more cooperative and beneficial to the work it is trying to do.

THE BLUE FREQUENCY Wisdom/Peace: Keeping the Flow Going

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Those born to walk the path of wisdom make great diplomats and inventors. They thrive when they are given the opportunity to learn new things and to pass on their knowledge to others. They do not like it when people try to get in their way or stop them from making progress on something they are trying to do. They do not enjoy having their ideas or insights ignored.

The color for the path of wisdom is blue and its symbol is water. Part of the reason that people walking the path of wisdom are so sensitive to being ignored is due to the nature of water. Water can easily change forms to suit the environment, but if it does that too much, it loses sight of who it really is and can become insecure about its identity. Being ignored leads them to doubt themselves, and plays on their existing insecurities.

While Wisdom walkers can be seen as know-it-alls by the other two, they are usually still able to get along well with both groups. Wisdom helps Love keep flowing by contributing to their store of knowledge about people. Wisdom also helps Joy get along with others by providing a cloud of insulation that keeps tempers from flaring up when Joy’s intense enthusiasm or fiery nature becomes a little much for others to handle.

Wisdom’s challenge is its need to learn to trust itself. Wisdom has a special gift of being able to connect the dots between two seemingly completely unrelated things, which allows it to spot a path that no one else is able to see, just as water finds a way to flow around an obstacle in ways that no one else can. The trouble with that is because no one else around these Wisdom path walkers can see what Wisdom can, they don’t believe it and their lack of belief leads Wisdom to doubt its own conclusions.

Wisdom’s life lesson is to persist in pursuing your vision. People will believe once they see you create it. And in creating it, you will confirm for yourself that it can be done.

THE YELLOW FREQUENCYJoy: Bringing the Energy to Life

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Joy, in its native state, radiates energy all over the place. Joy walkers are natural entertainers and love the spotlight, even though they tend to be introverted. They love to make people laugh and they delight in play of all kinds.

They are the least understood and most often taken for granted of the three paths. As a result, they frequently turn up as deeply depressed individuals. They may be alcoholics or drug addicts. They struggle to believe in and see the good in themselves.

The color for the path of joy is yellow and its symbol is sunlight. Part of the reason that people walking the path of joy are so often depressed and filled with self-loathing is due to the nature of sunlight. When sunlight is blocked, it becomes shadows. When sunlight is left to its own devices without water to cool things down for it, it becomes destructive.

Joy walkers have a very tender heart and they are easily hurt. While they can hold grudges and be stingy at times, this isn’t their natural tendency. Those things come when they grow afraid of getting hurt. Their natural tendency is to forgive quickly and to be astonishingly generous. When at their best, they give easily and effortlessly of themselves, even when they have very little.

Joy’s challenge is the depression that is ever present and a constant threat to their health and the sanity of the people who love them. Due to their struggle to believe in and see the good in themselves, they have trouble staying on task with their purpose and are easily derailed by failures and setbacks. They need lots of encouragement in order to get past those mental roadblocks.

Joy’s life lesson is that just because others do not see the worth in you does not mean you are worthless. For every person who does not appreciate the Joy Walker, there will be thousands more who do. The world needs you!

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Your Energy Field

Your Energy Field


katie-mcfarlandEverything and everyONE has an energy field! Haven’t you ever walked into a room and naturally been drawn to some people and not others? That’s because we have an energy field that shares everything about us – before our physical body interacts with another. Like energy attracts like energy. This is what the law of attraction really means. Your energy field is actively searching for and manifesting ‘like’ energy experiences. Like energy could be great things, like love and joy, but it could also mean not so great things, like arguments and illness. If you have a particular pattern of arguments and or people that ‘bother’ you, this is because you are ready to ‘heal’ (or get it moving) this frequency. It is in your experience and gets louder and louder until you recognize it and choose to shift your frequency. Often times, as soon as you recognize the ‘energy block’, and all of a sudden your worst enemy can become your best friend! We’re all just here to help share lessons and love.

Our ‘frequency’ of energy is made up of a combination of frequencies that represent everything about you. Science has identified that our “energy” or more scientifically known as our ‘electromagnetic field’ stretches at least 6ft in diameter. Our individual frequencies communicate information about us way beyond our physical senses such as touch, sight, smell, and sound. Your frequency is made up of a combination of your soul journey, your life journey, your current situation, your thoughts, and emotions, as well as even physical illnesses.

Thoughts become things. Every thought has a frequency. Thoughts collect like a cloud in our energy field. Just like a cloud, when the thoughts are a heavy frequency they eventually collect and “fall down” through the levels of our energy field, eventually becoming a ‘thing’ or illness. But not every experience is created just from our thoughts from today. Our soul has a frequency too. Our soul frequency contains every experience we’ve ever had. On top of that, we have a life lesson frequency which tells us information about what our soul would like to learn in this specific lifetime. Then we have frequencies that contain our current thoughts and emotions. By mapping out your frequency, Johanna uses her intuition where your emotional or physical experiences originated.

Healing and prevention are possible. Johanna has been an energy healer for 20 years. Just like a massage therapist searches for ‘knots’ in your body, an energy healer scans your energy field looking for ‘knots’ or dense energy and by sending healing intent can break them up to get the ‘ki’ moving again. All healing is about movement. By keeping your energy body flowing with good ‘ki’ you can prevent and heal physical illness.

An energy drawing will give you clarity about your specific energy frequency and vibration. It’s very similar to a personalized ‘astrological’ reading, the drawing will illuminate your soul, life patterns, your chakra’s strength and weaknesses and sometimes, the drawings will show emotional and/or physical ailments that need; or are ready, to be healed. Johanna infuses each drawing’s with reiki healing and color to specific areas of your energy field that need it.

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