I’ve been having so much fun talking to my new students on how they are going to use the power of color and it’s healing abilities. My new class “How to See, Draw and Interpret Energy’ that starts Jan 17th.
“I’m really excited about this class. I have watched Johanna in another group and love her energy. I am fascinated with the colors and want to learn more to be able to add this to my program. I am an intuitive money coach and I think this will be awesome to learn and continue to learn.”
“I’m excited to use this as a tool that I’ll include before each session I do with someone. To see what their soul color is so that I’ll better be able to communicate and guide them in the session.”
“I am an artist and would like to learn how to make things that appeal to and heal others. I love rocks and gems and will apply the knowledge of color and healing to create! So excited!!”

Increase your Intuitive abilities:

  • because knowledge is power
  • because you’ll gain increased intimacy
  • because you’ll become a better decision maker

You’ll also learn how to:

  • identify clients, friends and family members soul’s purpose and gifts
  • incorporate the healing power of color into your business and/or work
  • use intuitive tools, such as your body, a pendulum and oracle cards
  • know which clients need you to communicate more with more LOVE, more WISDOM and/or more JOY!
NOTE: There are NO ARTISTIC SKILLS required! This will be an evergreen class, and so you’ll have continued access to the course work whether you can attend the meeting times or not (however, best to attend to get the live interaction). I will be teaching more in-depth level 2 & 3 classes later in the year and this will be a prerequisite.
I’m super in love with the amazing level of information reading and drawing energy can provide to you, and your clients, friends, and family. It will be a lot of sharing my wisdom, love, and joy with you all.
Come join in the fun!!! Starts Tues Jan 17th. (Early bird sign of only $197 up ends today!)

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