so you say, WHAT? Eating pineapple can bring make my rich? Well, yes and no. So I was talking to a friend the other day and we were discussing the healing power of color. She asked me, ‘so what color is best to help me attract money?’ I replied, ‘yellow’. Money is always the symptom of an emotion out of alignment (which stems originally from a thought, but we can discuss that in another email). So money is the symptom of insecurity. A lack of self-worth. The color yellow is the color represents security. It’s the color of sunlight. It’s the color of joy and laughter. It’s the color of warmth. It’s the middle of the rainbow spectrum, and our solar plexus chakra is colored yellow.

So the idea then is, when you are feeling insecure, incorporate more yellow into your life. You could do this by wearing yellow clothes, you could go out into the sunlight and you could also eat yellow foods; such as pineapple! My friend laughed, ‘Really, you’re going to suggest if I eat more pineapple it’s going to make me rich?’. I smiled back, I replied, “it could do, if you believed enough!”

I asked her if she did affirmations? ‘Yes’, she said. I went on to tell her that, if your intent is to bring more security by bringing more yellow into your life, then eating the pineapple would be one big affirmation. Instead of just ‘thinking’ about the thought, you could create a ritual that incorporated all 5 (or 6) senses! How powerful would that be?!!

Think about what how you can bring more color into your life with intent. Magic could happen!


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