After ‘The Business Energy Audit Experience’ you’ll have more wisdom, self-love and a heartfelt joy that comes from knowing who you really are and what you are meant to do in this world.

Your business is a reflection of YOUR energy!!.. you gave birth to it with your thoughts, your heart, and physical energy. If you truly want to utilize the power of The Law of Attraction – your vibe has to match your wants.

You have a completely unique vibrational-frequency. It has a sound, and a color. I can identify someone’s soul color and personality type just by reading someone’s name. To simplify, I group the colors I see into three separate types:

☆ RED souls are the best at LOVING on their clients!

☆ BLUE souls are the best at teaching WISDOM to their clients!

☆ YELLOW souls are best at bringing JOY to their clients!

For the past 22 years, as a metaphysical healer and mentor, I’ve been transforming clients lives, including celebrities and multi-millionaires, with powerful, energetically healing infused art. I utilize my unique super-power in working with heart-centered entrepreneurs to offer them clarity on how their vibration IS, or is NOT aligned with their business. I use the “energy drawings” as a communication tool to highlight their business energy alignment. Here’s what you’ll experience:



After ‘The Energy Business Audit Experience’ clients have had massive up leveling experiences!

♡A client went from having her car repossessed to earning 5 figures per month!

♡Another called off her divorce after 38 years of marriage to now being happily married!

♡Another went from suffering terribly with a thyroid condition to more health and vitality!

♡And another rebranded and realigned her whole business after learning her true soul’s purpose!


“I just had my 4th energy drawing with Johanna. It’s been amazing not only to see my spiritual journey in color, but I’m always overjoyed by the things she uncovers. Together, we are able to gain the clarity I need about my business. Johanna is my mentor and soul sister. I’m so grateful to have her guidance as I continue to grow as an entrepreneur!” Becky S.


The BUSINESS ENERGY AUDIT experiences will help you clearly identify:

~ Why you are here?

~ How you can fulfill your soul’s purpose?

~ Are you doing what you are supposed to be doing?

I spend up to an hour or more prior to our meeting tapping into your energy, sending healing and drawing out the messages and insights I receive. You’ll receive an electronic copy of the drawing (usually 2 hours prior to our zoom face to face call), healing, as well a 60-minute reading 1:1 with me where we align with your true purpose and awaken your business to a whole new level of abundance and flow.


“UNBELIEVABLE. INCREDIBLE. AMAZING. To say Johanna is gifted is an understatement. She blew me away with the accuracy of my energy drawing and reading. She also gave me insight to my family, love life, home, and business. BEST READING EVER!”

Emily Aarons, A Wellness & Meditation Coach





You’ll learn whether your truest calling – to offer LOVE, WISDOM or JOY to the world. This will give you insight as to who you truly are at the soul level. You’ll discover how to be the ‘best’ possible YOU and how to best serve your tribe.


You’ll discover your unique intuitive gifts and whether you are maximizing their potential! You might have orange hands which means you have the gift of laying healing hands on others, or a large 3rd eye representing clairvoyance, or light blue ears illuminating your clairaudient abilities and/or so much more.


You’ll discover your unique gifts to the world, the lessons you need to know during your journey through this life and how to speed up the ‘learning’ so you can break through old negative patterns quickly and embrace a beautiful, bright future full of abundance.


“Love, Love, LOVE the energy drawing and reading done by Johanna!! It really clarified what I’ve have been feeling my whole life and helped me to understand that I’m indeed on the right path…..which is HUGE! Johanna knows her stuff and is super caring and loving while doing the reading! It was an awesome experience”.

Lisa Jeffs, Mindset Coach



You’ll discover the chakras (energy and endocrine centers) that need extra Tender Loving Care, and I’ll give you color prescriptions so you can bring them back into alignment.


You’ll receive healing activations infused into you energy drawing to help heal any mental, emotional, physical and/or spiritual misalignment. You’ll also receive insight on what needs to be released and healed so you can move forward with ease and clarity.


As soon as you’ve purchased your audit experience, I start to tap into your energy. It can take up to 60 minutes or more to capture all the information received into your drawings. You’ll receive an artistic representation (electronic copy – snail mail version optional) of YOUR ENERGY BODY that will energetically realign your subconscious just by looking at it.


You’ll receive a zoom recording including all the messages of your experience as well as a unique image that maps out your drawing.


“In 60 minutes this woman stripped me down and read my energy completely….this woman is AMAZEballs and I highly recommend a session with her if you REALLY want a raw, real, down to earth and honest look at yourself. She can see into your energetic field and your deepest self. She is GOOD! She floored me and actually left me SPEECHLESS which is difficult since I’ve always have a lot to say. LMAO. Johanna – you ROCK!! THANK YOU!!”

Jennifer Pennington, Soul Recovery Coach


Please click the below link to purchase. I can’t wait to ‘see’ you!


I have always been an artist. I love art. I studied at Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle and have gained a lot of recognition in the Encaustic artist community for my work. My work has been featured in numerous museums and galleries, as well as published in”Embracing Encaustic” by Linda Robertson. I’ve also served as the VP of the Encaustic Chapter of San Antonio’s International Encaustic Artists group, and was co-creator of EncaustiCon; a conference held in San Antonio, Texas to support encaustic artists from around the world.

Along with being an artist, I have also been a ‘sensitive’ all my life. At the age of 23, I had a car accident where I hurt my back. I reached out to a local reiki master to help me go through the healing process. I was amazed at how much detail about my health she ‘intuitively’ knew. I was hooked. I became a Reiki master in 1997 and was ordained by The SHE’s organization in 1998. (Little did I know I would use my title as a reverend to officiate over 600 wedding ceremonies to help pay the mortgage for my hotel!)

When I started teaching Reiki as a hobby in 2001, I was intrigued as to how to communicate what I saw when I looked at people’s energy fields. I wanted my students to notice the colors, patterns, shapes, and sizes of people’s energy. So I made copies of a human form and encouraged my students to color what they saw. I’ve taught dozens of students this method throughout the years, but it wasn’t until early 2016 when I taught a Reiki class and drew Wendy’s energy that the drawings made a much larger impact on me. (Wendy’s story will be a part of a new book that I’m writing to capture all the wonderful events that have happened as a result of the drawings and subsequent readings offered).

Later, I decided to offer the energy drawings to friends I had met online as a means of sharing my intuitive gifts and talents. In the first week, I was asked to color over 30 drawings. I immediately recognized that I could monetize this gift, and started offering the energy drawings to people. In the space of six weeks, I had done over 84 drawings. The drawings, along, with a reading of what I saw in the drawing was a hit. I got referral after referral. The stories from the drawings and how the readings have affected people are fascinating. I’ve finally found my true calling, and I’m in the process of building a business where I can flourish. I truly love the combination of my artistic and healing skills together, and what a more profound way of affecting the world, but healing one soul at a time. It’s a life worth celebrating!