“Holy Mickey Mouse! Did I get your attention? Hope so because you NEED to read this. I just got off Skype from my Drawing reading and I’m still in total awe. I have mentors & others with whom I get readings, advice and valuable insights from but every so often I come across someone ‘out of the blue’ that I get a cold reading from. This one was one of the BEST I’ve ever had. She actually tunes into your energetic field and draws it out. Literally. She then sends you your drawing via email before your actual session. I have to say it was very cool looking, showed the chakras & a bunch of other items. Then the session came. She does her “spiel” as she likes to call it where she describes the drawing & every single stroke has a meaning. She was able to tune in & capture my exact physical illness (not a very common one) & where it was in the body, what my soul lessons are, my gifts and of course where blockages are but also the why… Some people can tune into some things but she nailed everything. Then she helps you break through the main blockages, gives you specific ways to continue healing yourself and then brings it all back around to colors and your drawing. Simply Spectacular! Looking forward to my next session and drawing to see how much my healing has progressed through the magic of color… Abundant Gratitude!!” Cindy T. Life Coach

“If you can THINK yourself ill, then you can THINK yourself well”, Dr. Joe Dispenser. I truly believe your thoughts create things. When I tap into a client’s energy by their name, I can literally ‘see’ all the emotions, physical ailments, thoughts and even the soul’s purpose and mission. I capture all of this into a document called an ‘energy drawing’. I call it an “Energy Audit Experience” since it brings about the client’s awareness of what is truly going on with themselves. Just like the cavemen didn’t have mirrors, sometimes it takes a clairvoyant to ‘see’ what is keeping a person stuck. After 100’s of readings, I’ve come to learn that after taking responsibility for one’s energy, people can deeply heal their life.

As a result of my healing, my clients can experience the following:

~ an understanding of their soul’s mission and purpose
~ a clear understanding of their unique and special gifts to share with the world
~ healing of old emotional baggage that is no longer serving them
~ information about where their biggest blocks are and how to continue healing them

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“Learning Reiki truly changed my life! I was on the edge of divorce. I’d already filed the paperwork. I’d moved out of the house we shared and moved in with my daughter. I was tired of his lack of communication with me. I was tired of being ignored. I was tired of being shut out. Most of all, I was tired of feeling like the entire burden of our life and our relationship was on my shoulders.

Johanna helped me get clear that I was contributing to the anger within my marriage. I wasn’t living my true purpose of love. I spent the whole workshop bawling. I’m sure the other ladies thought I was crazy, but it was like this huge blockage of emotion came free and I was able to release all those pent up feelings. The Monday after the class I called my divorce attorney to cancel the proceedings. I was ready to take my fair share in the demise of my marriage and make it work. Our new marriage is healthier than it’s ever been!” Wendy Volpe, Professional Artist

“Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world”, Nelson Mandela. I believe in the power of transformational teaching. My intent for all my students is to not only learn a new healing technique but come away with a transformational experience. I want my student’s perspective on how they see the world, to become more peaceful and loving. I want my students to explore new ideas about themselves, as well as how they see other people, including their family, in their lives. I use my intuition to ‘see’ the students potential and help guide them there with practical knowledge, hands-on experience, as well as multiple intuitive exercises.

As a result of my classes, my students commonly have:

~ an increased awareness of their specific gifts to the world
~ a boost in their unique intuitive abilities
~ clarity on what their family members & friends are to teach them
~ the ability to be more calm, patient and loving to themselves and others

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“I’m making money living my true soul’s purpose for the first time in my life! I honestly wouldn’t have been able to do it without Johanna’s amazing guidance love. She truly is a master healer and is so full of knowledge. It’s obvious she has two decades as a healer and an entrepreneur. She’s actually like 3 coaches in one because every time I hit a stuck point, she easily navigates me by helping me get mental clarity, sending healing for my emotional release and gently pushes me to take the next business action step. I’m so grateful for her wisdom, love and encouragement – I’m living my dream life!” Sandy P. Experience Designer

“When the why and the what are answered, the how becomes so easy”. Mentoring 1:1 is my absolute favorite activity. I love getting DEEP with a mentee and seeing them through a journey to live different experience of life. I use a combination of subconscious healing, belief clearing, and business guidance to bring clarity of action to areas that have been unavailable prior. I have developed ‘The MEPS Method’ where each separate part of the energy body; the Mental, the Emotional, the Physical and the Spiritual bodies are loved on in order to create massive transformation.

As a result of my mentoring:

~ 80% of mentees start making money within the first month
~ a high percentage double, triple and quadruple their incomes
~ they are aligned with their soul’s purpose, so they love what they do
~ their advanced intuitive abilities help them with their wealth, health, and relationships

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