The Healing Color of Purple!

The Healing Color of Purple!

Energy Healing

Ooooo how I LOVE lavender and purple! Connect to spirit with purple and bring the peace and calm of the blue and red energy into your life. It will be sure to help you feel safe and bring a sense of calm.

Purple is to sort and store information, and getting in touch with spirit

Eggplants, Purple Grapes, Plums, Elderberries, Lavender
Eating these foods help normalize hormonal activity, curb appetite, and regulate metabolism.

Wearing Purple encourages spirituality into any situation. It’s perfect to wear to church and or any other spiritual event.

Purple / Lavender is an excellent color to decorate a yoga room and or living room where you want to bring spirit and it’s calm wisdom to your life.

Lilac fields or areas where sage grows after a rain storm

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by Dec 21, 2016
The Healing Power of Indigo!

The Healing Power of Indigo!

Energy Healing

Oh Indigo has to be one of my FAVORITE colors! There’s something so majestic and calming for me (as a red frequency) with the color indigo. It’s a powerful color to wear to work, but also brilliant for insomnia! I talk about it a bit in my fb live here:

Indigo offers the gift of inner wisdom to ‘see’ where you are going

Blackberries, Black cherries, Black beans, Vanilla beans
Eating these foods are high in antioxidants and phytochemicals which help promote healthy function o f the brain, pituitary gland.

Wearing Indigo is probably the most common color to wear, other than black because it’s about bringing wisdom to the situation. It’s perfect for the office!

Indigo will bring insight and a sense of peace and calm. It’s the perfect blanket to snuggle in bed or in front of the TV with since it will calm things down to help you relax.

Blue bonnet fields, Dark Oceans

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The Healing Power of Blue!

The Healing Power of Blue!

Energy Healing

Blue is the BEST color to help calm down…and if you are in any stressful situation incorporate the color blue to bring peace and love to the situation. The video is a facebook live I did in a group – enjoy and wear more blue to help communicate more effectively!

Blue is used to help with your ability to communicate effectively

Blueberries, butterfly pea (flower petals), borage (herb)
Eating these foods all support the thyroid.

Wearing Blue helps open the throat chakra, which will help with your ability to communicate. It’s a fantastic color when you are speaking publicly and want to get your message across easily and effortlessly.

Blue can be one of the most calming colors to decorate with. Many spa’s utilize the gentle feeling that comes with the color blue. Blue is also an excellent color for your bedroom walls.

Oceans, Rivers, & Streams


by Dec 20, 2016
The Healing Power of Green!

The Healing Power of Green!

Energy Healing

Green Foods are amazing healers! Anyone who’s not doing well in their physical body can wrap themselves in the color green and healing is on its way….so love this color – and in my facebook LIVE I’m outside sharing the view of my lake! yeah!

Green is used to keep the flow of love, healing and information flowing

Broccoli, Spinach, Pistachio Nuts, Avocados,

Eating these foods have a Nrf2 protein in broccoli helps prevent arterial plaque build-up, Spinach contains folate which is an important contributor to heart health. Pistachios are real vitamin and mineral bombs.

Wearing Green will give you a warm sense of comfort and healing. If you have the flu, try wearing green socks to help you heal faster.

Green rooms can be so calming and healing. If you aren’t well, try sleeping with a green blanket and or add green to your kitchen to keep you eating healthy.

Forests, fields, and grassy meadows

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The Healing Power of Yellow!

The Healing Power of Yellow!

Energy Healing

Can I just say – yellow is the hardest to incorporate – but probably the MOST important of all the colors to include in your life! The easiest way is to drink lemon water every day – it’s an excellent healthy alternative and when you drink it with intent – you’re saying to yourself you are VALUABLE!

Yellow is used to digest information and give us a sense of value

Pineapple, Bananas, yellow squash, yellow bell peppers

Eating these foods have a multitude of value. Pineapple contains bromelain, beneficial for pancreas function; bananas contain potassium which are essential for pancreatic health, trytophan present in squash seeds crucial in regulating endocrine glands in the pancreas.

Wearing Yellow says you value yourself. Yellow is not the most common color to wear, but it might be good in a tie or a scarf.

Yellow could brighten up a room with little or no sunlight, and is a great color for a playroom to bring more joy and happiness.

Sunflower fields, Sunlit Areas

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The Healing Power of Orange!

The Healing Power of Orange!

Energy Healing

I love sharing about the healing power of color. This is my 2nd day of facebook LIVE all about the healing color of Orange.

Orange is used for creativity, deflecting danger, a feeling of ‘home’

Oranges, Cantaloupe, Pumpkin, Egg yolks, Real butter

Eating these foods have a combination of vitamin c, b12, zinc, magnesium, b5, and d3 to support adrenal gland function

Wearing Orange will encourage creativity. If you are having artists block, wear orange socks for example.

Orange is the combination of both yellow and red. It is a stimulating color and is probably best as an accent color. Orange pillows would be excellent for your office or art studio to encourage creativity.

Orange groves and pumpkin patches

by Dec 19, 2016
The Healing Power of RED!

The Healing Power of RED!

Energy Healing

I was invited a week ago to do be a host in a facebook group. I decided to take the opportunity to talk about the healing power of color. So over 7 days, I talked about the 7 colors, 7 chakras, and 7 endocrine systems and how they are all related to healing.

Hopefully by watching you’ll get to learn more about how color can help heal your life!

The Color Red is used for a Sense of Safety, Love and Being able to Manifest.
Watermelon, Tomatoes, Raspberries, Red Bell Peppers, Chilli Peppers, Rose Hips and Strawberries
Eating these foods have a high vitamin a content which boosts the health of ovaries & testies, the basis of your feelings of safety and security
Wearing Red is a powerful statement of safety and security. Men have been shown to be more attracted to a women when she wears red.
Red is a stimulating color and is probably best as an accent color. Red pillows would be excellent to bring some heat to the bedroom.
Rose gardens, red rock canyons



by Dec 19, 2016
Stressed OUT? Wrap yourself in an indigo blanket.

Stressed OUT? Wrap yourself in an indigo blanket.

Energy Healing

Are you STRESSED? You just feel like nothing is going right? Whether it’s your love life, your work, your kids or family, try wrapping yourself in a dark blue or indigo colored blanket.

There’s been some extra stress in my life lately, and I thought about what colors would calm me down. I realized I’ve been sleeping under a RED blanket! GASP! (Let’s ignite the fire!) and I  asked myself, what color would I prescribe to a client going through extra stress? Blue, I thought. Light blue is associated with opening up the throat chakra, but indigo blue will help with more insight. My stress needed more insight to help calm me and my monkey mind down.

Indigo is a dark purplish blue. It gets its name from the indigo plant used to create indigo dye. Purple grapes and blueberries are actually considered the color indigo. Since indigo is on the blue frequency is has a flavor of blue’s wisdom and trust, but adding the purple frequency, it adds that spiritual insight that is the perfect combination to help calm a stressed out mind.

Indigo is associated with the third eye chakra. Your third eye chakra is located in the brain, at the brow, above the base of the nose. The gift of this chakra is being able to ‘see’ both the inner world and the outer world with more clarity. This will help us integrate both what we’re feeling inside and what is going on in the outside world. It often gives us a sense of wellness because the messages that we receive through this chakra cuts through the illusion of the ego and brings us back to our source, god or love. The third eye helps us to see everything from the point of the  ‘witness’ and helps us be more gentle and kind with our mind.

Indigo stimulates the right brain allowing for more creativity and coveys integrity and deep serenity. If you are feeling stressed out lately, think of an imaginary indigo blanket surrounding you, or if you have one, wrap yourself in it and drink some calming tea. I’m wishing you calming thoughts and blessings.

by Oct 11, 2016
Get Creative, Eat Oranges!

Get Creative, Eat Oranges!

Energy Healing

Are you STUCK? No clarity and frustrated with whatever you’re creating? Whether it’s art, a new job, or even writing that article for your blog, try bringing more orange into your life.

Writing has never been my favorite, I always seem to get stuck with my words and what to say. So this morning, I had multiple slices of an orange and asked to be in the “flow”. My intent while eating the orange was to bring clarity and creativity to my work today. So that it goes easily and effortlessly, and so far, so good. It usually takes me an hour to write an article, and this is happening super fast and easy!
Orange is the color of creativity. It radiates warmth and happiness! It is made up of the red (love) and yellow (joy) energy. The color orange offers optimism and rejuvenation. It brings spontaneity and a positive outlook.

Orange relates to gut instincts and is the color of your sacral chakra. Your 2nd chakra is your passion and pleasure center. It’s located in the pelvic area, just below the belly button. This is the location of a woman’s womb where life is originated and created. This is also our ‘emotional’ center and where many of us store our unhappiness. If someone hurts you emotionally, you’ll feel like you got hit in that gut kind of a feeling. Next time you feel this envision yourself wrapped up in a nice warm, cozy orange blanket.

The color orange brings spontaneity and a positive outlook. So why not, every day try and incorporate some orange. You can eat or drink oranges, or just sprinkle some orange art or pillows around your house to bring a feeling of comfort and warmth into your home. The orange will bring a positive attitude so you can enter ‘The Flow’ zone in your creativity and will bring more pleasure, passion and ease into your life!

by Sep 21, 2016
How I became Intuitive

How I became Intuitive

Reverend Johanna

How I became intuitive has to start with my car accident when I was 23. (I, of course, was born intuitive, but it’s not until I was literally hit over the head that I started expanding my awareness.)

I was out with friends. I was in the back seat and WHAM! A car slammed right into the back of ours. I didn’t realize it at first, but whiplash hurts!!! ….It took months of rehab, and I got tired of having to go back and forth to all the physical therapy sessions, so I took matters into my own hands and went to my apartments local gym. Hmmm big no no! I was alone, and the butterfly pulley broke, and SLAMMED into the left side of my face. (I think my angels thought I needed another hit over the head! Literally!)

This time, I suffered from a pretty crazy concussion. I lost a third of my eyesight in my left eye, had a lovely black eye and a massive headache for days. I was convinced that I would make millions by suing the insurance company. Instead, I ended up with little compensation, and worse, unemployed due to the depression that followed. I felt like I was a donut. I had a huge hole missing inside of me. I would go to every free psychic fair there was in my neighborhood. I ‘felt’ like the psychics knew something I didn’t. Like there was a whole new world that I wasn’t a part of. The process was MUCH slower than I would have liked, but I met a Reiki Master, named Valerie Byram and she opened the door to that lovely world called ‘The Woo Woo’.

After a reiki session she performed on me highlighted information only before a doctor and an x-ray has recognized, I was immediately fascinated by Valerie’s ability to intuit what was going on with me. She invited me to her reiki | & || class, and then  I took my master level on 1995. Later, I became ordained as a way to avoid any possible legal action taken against me for ‘touching’ people without a license. (You can read about how that turned out to be a very lucrative decision in the article about my weddings!)

Since that time, I eventually in 2001 started to teach my own reiki classes and developed my personalized methods of training others to become more intuitive. It’s been a journey! But it’s always been filled with a lot more security of knowing that spirit is with me at all times. I have never really ‘felt’ like the donut again. In fact, today, I know the ‘other’ world so well, it’s rather weird that other people don’t, and it’s my favorite to share with them the tools on how to become more intuitive and see ‘frequency’ and all things Woo Woo.


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How I officiated 600+ Wedding Ceremonies

Reverend Johanna

I have performed over 600 wedding ceremonies in the past 20 years. It’s kinda of a crazy story really – how I became a minister and ended up performing so many ceremonies.

In 2007 I bought a then 16 room Bed and Breakfast on the Riverwalk in downtown San Antonio, Texas called The Inn on the Riverwalk. As you can imagine, I had accumulated rather a large mortgage to go along with the property and needed to generate money where it was available. At the time, we were not doing any weddings. One day, a lady called me and asked if we did weddings. The past owner had done a few, so I said yes, not having ANY idea what I was getting myself into!


Later in the conversation, she asked, do you know of a non-denominational minister to perform the ceremony? I said, “No, but I’m sure I can find you someone”. By the end of the day, after dreaming about making the $350 per ceremony charge that others on google were demanding, it struck me like lightening. “Wait a minute”, I said to myself. “Aren’t I ordained?” I quickly investigated the laws in Texas and found, eureka, another source of income! I could legally perform the ceremonies at the B&B. So, after doing that first ceremony, I came up with a template, and long story short in the 8 years I owned the business we hosted well over 600 weddings and receptions.

The best part of the ceremony is when they exchange the vows. It warms my heart. I love being so up close to the intimacy, the scary, the dramatic and the romantic celebration of love between two people. It’s been a blessing that a long time ago, not knowing that I would ever be such a part of so many intertwining lives, I was ordained.

I would be honored and delighted if you are so called to invite me to celebrate your special day with you. I perform ceremonies all over the United States but mostly serve San Antonio to Austin, Texas area. Please contact me at 512-456-5869 for further details.

by Apr 19, 2015

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