Johanna is an incredibly gifted intuitive business coach. Although I’m an accomplished entrepreneur, I rely on her intuition and business savvy to guide me to the next steps of bringing my true soul’s purpose to life. I will be forever grateful for helping me build a business that I LOVE!

Rebekah Trois

Owner of Trois Resort, Founder of The Grand Alignment,

Whether you are a business owner or not, you probably already know that you came here to do something big in the world!

Maybe you’ve heard THE CALL, you know ~ that inner voice that used to whimper at you, but by now is screaming at you like a two-year-old that didn’t get her favorite candy bar?

Your days are filled with the feeling of dread like you’ve forgotten something, but you’re already at the airport waiting for your flight.

You can’t put your finger on it, but it’s there lurking in the background of your mind, ‘there should be more to life than this?’

Your current business and/or job is almost killing you ~ literally, the doctor said you need to de-stress! But you’re thinking, “Ha! that’s easier said than done, you don’t know my life! If I knew HOW to stop stressing, I would!”

Yeah! I’m sooooo glad you found me! I know exactly HOW to help you! Because I’ve BEEN THERE!!

In 2006, built a million dollar real estate investment firm thinking with the money, I would get a ‘Happiness Check’ in the mail.

Unfortunately, the money, without the time freedom, became a nightmare. I was responsible for 98 mortgage payments, 55 investors, a dozen or more employees, and contractors. I was stressed up to my eyeballs and I had no time to really enjoy the ‘so-called success’ I had built. I started resenting it for taking the time away from my family and my marriage.

Then 2008 happened, and the real estate market crashed. I was brought to my knees holding the bag on a large investment.

In the space of six months, my mother in law committed suicide, my sister in law died of cancer, my son graduated and left home, we went bankrupt and lost our waterfront home and my husband and I separated {eventually divorcing}.

BUT I BELIEVE that everything happens FOR you! ….so I put my big girl panties on and asked the universe to please show me ‘What Happens Now’?

By taking a deep look inside myself, I realized that the things I truly LOVED, I would do for FREE! Apart from my kids, my first true loves are my art, my healing and being an entrepreneur.

And even though, I would still do all those things for free, I have made a TON of MONEY from them all too!

My soul’s purpose was right there in front of me the whole time ~ I was just too busy listening to every Tom, Dick and Harry’s advice on how to make money instead of collecting my daily ‘happiness check’!

I want you to get a Happiness Check too! Why? Because, the more people that are doing what they came here to do, I believe the planet will be a much happier and more loving place!

You have a soul’s purpose, and it’s NOW time for you to fulfill it. Admit it, you came here to be HAPPY! {Not wasting your day’s people pleasing!}

I’ve married all my talents and expertise into a creative healing and coaching modality where I help you find your true authentic self and help you monetize your mission, so YOU can spend the majority of your time and energy doing what you came here to do.


Johanna is a gifted healer and intuitive. She reads your soul frequency, personal gifts, and areas of blockages. She is a breath of fresh air!


Twin Peaks Star, Model & Singer,

Your soul’s purpose often shows up as your ‘happy’ place… 

Wouldn’t you love to make money doing what you love?

Let’s find out what your soul energy looks like and we’ll go from there.

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