Emily made an unexpected $300 by eating pineapple!

Emily made an unexpected $300 by eating pineapple!

Emily Arrons and I were talking about color and how it can affect your life. I recommended that she read about how using color-affirmations can bring life to anything you want to manifest. I joked and said, “You know, eating pineapple will make you rich”? I shared the idea behind amping up your affirmations by eating or wearing specific colors will help.

She messaged me that she had eaten pineapple and that same day received an unexpected $300! WOW! I love it!


Let me know how you bring color into your affirmations?

Here’s the link to the original blog post: Click Here

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UNBELIEVABLE. INCREDIBLE. AMAZING. To say Johanna is gifted is an understatement. She blew me away with the accuracy of my aura reading. She also gave me insight to my family, love life, home and business. BEST READING EVER. I’ve had a lot of them and this was far and away the best. She’s so modest about her gifts and so willing to share details that will help a person to move forward and have the best life ever. I can’t say enough positive things about Johanna- you’re truly missing out if you don’t get a reading. I think it would be a great gift to give someone else too! �Thank you so much Johanna!!

Emily Aarons

Wellness Coach


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