In the new movie, The Connected Universe, featuring Nassium Haramein, he connects his ideas, those of Max Planck (The Father of Quantum Physics) and those of Einstein’s to include gravity into quantum theories for the first time. Haramein has confirmed his theories with experimental results. At the quantum level, he shows that there is a dynamic and energetic flow, or force in nature, that connects every proton is every other proton in the universe. There is a flow of energy that exists in everyone and everything. We are energetic beings made of vibration and frequency and light who have a unique tone and color.

By using the language of color and intent, anyone can map out the energy of a person just by learning their name. Our energy contains our thoughts emotions physicality as well as our soul story. By capturing this information via remote viewing into what’s called “An Energy Drawing” the recipient can receive life-changing insights to who they truly are, what they are here to do, as well as what stopping them from living their most amazing life.

Are light bodies revealed in-depth information about us and will help us learn the truth of our Earthly experience and how to make a more peaceful loving and enjoyable world.