1. Chakras and the Body-Mind-Soul Connection

1. Chakras and the Body-Mind-Soul Connection

You’ve probably heard the word chakras before this point. It’s a concept closely associated with New Age practices, and is a Sanskrit word meaning “wheel”. It refers to the seven primary energy centers of the body. Until recently, Western science largely dismissed the relevance of the chakras and relegated it to superstition. However, as we learn more about the glands that are located in the body, it becomes easy to spot the correlation between where the chakras are located and where those glands are located.

Chakras and the Hormone Factories of the Body

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Chakras correlate to the 7 hormone centers of the body that regulate everything from sleep and reproduction to brain function and mental awareness. The idea that ancient people might have been able to observe and recognize that something special was happening at these particular places of the body shouldn’t surprise anybody. Our ancestors weren’t stupid even if they didn’t have all the pieces of the information puzzle put together.

The Reason for the Conflicting Information

Out there on the internet, you will find a ton of conflicting information about the chakras and their connection to the glands located in the body. This is to be expected. To be perfectly honest, most of us are still trying to connect the dots. We’re still trying to figure out how what our ancestors observed to be true about Chakras corresponds to what Western Science tells us is true about the way hormones regulate the body. The picture is still coming into focus, so the answers aren’t clear yet. But I think this is largely because we’re looking at things from the wrong perspective.

The Competing Theories

The prevailing theory in Western science is that there is no soul. The body and the mind are all that there is and all that we need to focus our attention on taking care of for optimal health. The emotions are considered to be a byproduct of the body’s attempt to survive. They are useful only in terms of helping the human body to survive.

The prevailing theory in Eastern thought is that there is no body. The body and mind are there simply to help us learn about the soul and once the body and mind have fulfilled their intended purpose, we will discard them and move on to another plane. Desires are considered a byproduct of the body’s existence. They are to be ignored or fought.

A New Approach Is Needed

Western science likes to treat the body as if it were just a collection of parts with no soul to it. Rather than treating the body as an integrated union of parts working together, which is what it was designed to do, it treats each part as if it were separate and distinct from the rest. What Western science does not understand and cannot see it likes to discard and treat as irrelevant.

Eastern thought compartmentalizes things in a different way. It treats the body as if it were a means to an end, useful in gaining insight into the workings of the soul but otherwise to be discarded once what is needed has been gained. The body’s desires are treated with disdain and the ultimate goal of the Eastern practice is to rid oneself of the connection to the body altogether. To become so “enlightened” that the body’s information is no longer needed.

However, human beings are more than just a body. They are more than just a mind. And they are far more than just a soul. They are designed to be an integrated whole.

Understanding Body, Mind, and Soul

When you want to build a computer, you have all of these parts that you must assemble. The parts are not the computer. Without an operating system and power the computer is useless. Once you build that computer, you must install an operating system in order to be able to interact with it. The operating system is not the computer. Without the rest of the parts of the computer, the operating system is useless. Finally, you must direct energy into the computer’s parts in order for those parts and the operating system to function. This is the soul. The soul is the energy that makes everything else work. The soul by itself can do nothing. It has no way to focus that energy.

The Body-Mind-Soul Connection

The soul is not a separate entity from the body. The body is not isolated from the soul. The mind is not a separate entity from the body. When we live in body-mind-soul integration, this is when we find true fulfillment and peace in our lives. Everything about the body tells us something about the soul that is connected to it. The mind is there to act as a bridge between the physical body and the soul. It allows you to interact with, ask questions of, and get answers from the soul by observing the emotions, desires, and responses of the body.

Everything About the Body Has a Soul Component To It

Science talks about the glands, Eastern thought talks about the chakras. The two things are not the same. If you look at the function of the glands, it does not directly correspond to what is being said about the function of the chakra it correlates to. This is the cause of the confusion between the two. It doesn’t exactly match. However, the reason for this is simple: the Chakras refer to the soul component, the science is referring to the body component, and what is needed is the mind’s help to make the translation between the two.

The Soul Speaks In Symbols

The subconscious mind is the part of our mind that has a direct connection to the divine. The subconscious is our soul speaking to us. It is the creative, intuitive side of us and its native language is symbols and emotions. In our dreams, the subconscious mind communicates to us and helps us to make sense of the situations that we’ve encountered. Most of us aren’t trained to understand that language, so we ignore our dreams or dismiss them as crazy because they don’t make sense to us.

For example, when we dream of a house, most of us just look at the house as a house. It’s a physical object. We don’t look at what a house really means. A house is a place where we live, a space where our things are stored, a place that is supposed to be of safety and security. If we look at a house in that light, it’s easy to see that when we dream about a house, it’s a dream about our comfort zone, our personal space, our personal identity.

Dreaming about a house that is isolated often means you are feeling all alone. Dreaming about a house that’s been abandoned – you guessed it – often means you’re feeling abandoned. If the house is falling apart, it can mean we feel our lives are falling apart.

The Physical Body Is a Symbol

Your physical body is one giant symbol. Everything about it is a reflection of what is taking place in the spiritual world. You must learn to look beyond the surface to find the meaning of the symbol.  So, if you want to understand the correct correlation between the chakras and the soul, you have to look beyond the surface of what the gland is and does to what that really means.

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How I became Intuitive

How I became Intuitive

How I became intuitive has to start with my car accident when I was 23. (I, of course, was born intuitive, but it’s not until I was literally hit over the head that I started expanding my awareness.)

I was out with friends. I was in the back seat and WHAM! A car slammed right into the back of ours. I didn’t realize it at first, but whiplash hurts!!! ….It took months of rehab, and I got tired of having to go back and forth to all the physical therapy sessions, so I took matters into my own hands and went to my apartments local gym. Hmmm big no no! I was alone, and the butterfly pulley broke, and SLAMMED into the left side of my face. (I think my angels thought I needed another hit over the head! Literally!)

This time, I suffered from a pretty crazy concussion. I lost a third of my eyesight in my left eye, had a lovely black eye and a massive headache for days. I was convinced that I would make millions by suing the insurance company. Instead, I ended up with little compensation, and worse, unemployed due to the depression that followed. I felt like I was a donut. I had a huge hole missing inside of me. I would go to every free psychic fair there was in my neighborhood. I ‘felt’ like the psychics knew something I didn’t. Like there was a whole new world that I wasn’t a part of. The process was MUCH slower than I would have liked, but I met a Reiki Master, named Valerie Byram and she opened the door to that lovely world called ‘The Woo Woo’.

After a reiki session she performed on me highlighted information only before a doctor and an x-ray has recognized, I was immediately fascinated by Valerie’s ability to intuit what was going on with me. She invited me to her reiki | & || class, and then  I took my master level on 1995. Later, I became ordained as a way to avoid any possible legal action taken against me for ‘touching’ people without a license. (You can read about how that turned out to be a very lucrative decision in the article about my weddings!)

Since that time, I eventually in 2001 started to teach my own reiki classes and developed my personalized methods of training others to become more intuitive. It’s been a journey! But it’s always been filled with a lot more security of knowing that spirit is with me at all times. I have never really ‘felt’ like the donut again. In fact, today, I know the ‘other’ world so well, it’s rather weird that other people don’t, and it’s my favorite to share with them the tools on how to become more intuitive and see ‘frequency’ and all things Woo Woo.


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