I believe in the power of transformational teaching. My intent for all my students is to not only learn a new healing technique but come away with a transformational experience. I want my student’s perspective on how they see the world, to become more peaceful and loving. I want my students to explore new ideas about themselves, as well as how they see other people, including their family, in their lives. I use my intuition to ‘see’ the students potential and help guide them there with practical knowledge, hands-on experience, as well as multiple intuitive exercises.

As a result of my classes, my students commonly have:

– an increased awareness of their specific gifts to the world
– a boost in their unique intuitive abilities
– clarity on what their family members & friends are to teach them
– the ability to be more calm, patient and loving to themselves and others

I so look forward to sharing with you,



REIKI Level’s I, II & Master 

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It’s administered by laying on hands and can be easily learned by anyone. Reiki has been recognized by the scientific community as a beneficial method towards healing both the receivers and the practitioner.

I’ve taken all 3 Reiki Level Classes with Rev. Johanna. The classes were life changing! I’m so much more aware of mine and other’s energy now. She is able to tap into your individual healing potential and kindly guide you to your soul’s next evolution. She’s a master energy healing teacher. (Class of 2001, Seattle, WA)

Cyndee Noble


After my reiki class, my intuitive abilities exploded. I was suddenly able to ‘see’ colors and feel more emotion. It was surprisingly how accurate Johanna was in her predictions of my natural skills. I love sharing reiki healing hands with my loved ones and my dog Nikki. (Class of 2014, Austin, TX)

Samuel Schutze

Appraisal Co-ordinator


How to See, Draw and Interpret Energy Classes

In this classes, you’ll learn how to build your intuitive muscles in order to be able to See, Draw and Interpret Energy. These classes are based on the knowledge that we are all energy and that our ‘energy’ body contains everything about us; including our emotions, our thoughts, our physicality and our soul’s mission. 

This class was everything I wanted and more. It was impeccably organized with all the information available online, coordinating with the class discussion. Johanna led us through the fundamental concepts and had us reading colors pretty quickly. It was great to see the concepts turn into reality so quickly! I can’t wait to apply this information to all aspects of my life, including understanding others (clients) and taking that knowledge to serve them better. Johanna was a generous and thoughtful teacher. She is fun yet professional, and I can’t wait to take the next class!

Michelle Stocker

Professional Jewelry Designer